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About Bluebird

…like being first in line at your favorite farmer’s market…

Farm to Table Goodness You Will Love.

Our members enjoy access to the freshest, healthiest, Farm to Table products Georgia has to offer. Order only in the amount suitable for your family each week. No minimum orders, no ordering limits (other than overall product availability) and no strings. Bluebird CSA brings the farmers market to you..seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables…farm to table value…local foods.

We are delighted to bring you the best Georgia farmers have to offer including Vidalia onions from South Georgia, apples from North Georgia, peaches from Middle Georgia and beyond. It is an honor and delight to work with farmers across the state who are growing for Bluebird CSA members.

Begin any week you like. Skip any week you like. Year round.

People who eat seven or more portions of fresh fruits and vegetables each day may reduce their risk of dying from a wide variety of diseases by as much as 42 percent over people who consume less than one portion”

Steady as Rain, Year Round

Dependable. Convenient. Farm Fresh Harvest. Year round.

Friends of Family Farms

As a sustainability initiative, Bluebird is not open to the General Public.

Bluebird Membership

Membership in Middle Georgia Bluebird CSA is just $25. (less than $1/week for 6 months.) You may then order your share box products on our Shop page. The $1/week membership fee does not include your share box but does allow you the convenience of placing your orders for 6 months with our Farm2U program. To activate your membership, text 706-938-8829. Membership entitles you to weekly access to the best local foods our region has to offer for a full 6 months. You may order any week you like and skip any week you like. You may choose to order by the week, the month, or the season. If you order by the week, please place your order on Fridays when you want to pick up for the following week.

Thank you for Communicating any Issues

Happy to make adjustments. We welcome all feedback.

From time to time member’s orders may not be entirely filled due to unexpected events such as weather changes, crop damage, quality shortcoming, or other unanticipated events. In these rare cases we immediately credit the member’s house account with the full amount of the unfulfilled product(s) and can be applied to a future order, agree with member for rollover to a following week, or we make a substitution with a comparable product(s) of an equal or higher value.

Our ordering system is not, at this time, setup to offer refunds.

If you choose to skip a week, we simply roll over your credit to the following week (we do not maintain credit card information and therefore can not generate a credit back to a member’s credit card).

Bluebird CSA share boxes vary according to what local farmers are harvesting the day of delivery. Photos are examples of what is being harvested on local farms during the changing seasons. Click on the Producers blog page for a sample of Georgia grown and handmade products and pricing to see if this is a program that may work for your family. If you are local to Middle Georgia and Metro Atlanta and like the idea of access to all the best, farm fresh food our area has to offer, email and join our program. Thank you for supporting Georgia family farms and locally grown and handmade products with Bluebird CSA.

Caring. Local. Organic practices.

Bluebird began as an organic community garden and farmers market. We travel weekly to Georgia farms helping farmers harvest crops. Bluebird packs share boxes with a variety of seasonal, locally grown, farm to table, OR organic veggies and delivers to you.

Bluebird CSA is a Multiple Farm, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Sustainability Initiative.

Align your life today with health and sustainability through Bluebird CSA

Bluebird Profile

The purpose of Bluebird CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) with Multiple Farms is to provide our members access to nutritious, natural, locally grown and raised foods by supporting sustaining local family farms.

Bluebird is a multiple farm CSA of Georgia farmers, artisans and producers connecting communities who want all the best from local farms and food producers. “Buy Georgia Made and Serve Georgia Grown!” Bluebird CSA connects local families with the highest quality, natural food producing local farmers providing a wide variety of fresh, naturally grown and raised in-season products. We support Georgia’s locally owned family farms and independent makers whose prices reflect the real cost of production and distribution.

In some respect, members seek to participate in a local CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture) program like Bluebird, because membership is more affordable, product variety is greater, and there are the freshest available foods. Members enjoy easy access to nutritious, locally grown and raised food products throughout the year based on seasonal availability.

We encourage you to join our CSA Sustainability Initiative and experience the benefits of Farm to Table foods. If you are not already a member, please email or text 706-938-8829 and sign up.

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